cli helper. find: find files

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Unix find

Search starting point
Search pattern
Skipping directories or files the pattern just matched
Exec command with a question mark
List current file in 'ls -dils' format
Print filename
Process each directory's contents before the directory itself (usefull for cpio)
File was created ( days ago)
File was modified ( days ago)
File was accessed ( days ago)
File was modified more recently than file
File type
File size (in bytes)
File has inode number
File has links
File permision for user r w x set-ID
File permision for group r w x set-ID
File permision for other r w x
Special permission sticky bit mandatory locking
Don't descend directories on other filesystems
Filesystem to which the file belongs is of type
Dereference symbolic links
No user corresponds to file's numeric user ID
No group corresponds to file's numeric group ID
File belongs to a user
File belongs to a group © 2008-2014